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  • e-Learning resources

  • How does e-LfH deliver the e-learning resources?
    • The majority of resources are available through the Hub. This is where the majority of the e-learning is available.

      Other resources do not fit into the Hub easily because they are a different type of resource. For example, the iRefer guidelines and the Pathopedia are both reference resources with no need for any learning or testing, so are available within the Hub and are accessible from the e-LfH website.

  • How do I access these e-learning resources?
  • Quality assurance

  • What quality assurance processes has the e-LfH e-learning content been through?
    • Our e-learning materials are written by subject experts and quality assured by recognised and widely respected professional bodies. They have been assembled using appropriate educational guidance and principles.

  • How do I know the e-learning content is up to date and still clinically appropriate?
    • All e-learning content is developed in partnership with Professional Bodies and the NHS. These clinical partners are the experts in their field and we rely on their knowledge and experience to ensure that the content of our sessions is clinically appropriate. Before going live, all sessions are reviewed by a separate clinician for accuracy.

      It is inevitable however, that content becomes out of date. We regularly put whole programmes through a full review and update process but we also update individual sessions as and when required.

      If you think that a particular session or programme needs to be updated, please use the feedback option available via the Hub.

      Find out more about how to provide feedback on sessions.


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