Logging in & out

  • Login basics

  • How do I log into my account?
    • Once you have registered, please follow these steps to log in:

      1. Go to the e-LfH website by typing portal.e-lfh.org.uk into your browser.
      2. Enter your username and password


      3. Select 'Log In' button.


      Once you have logged in you will have arrived at the e-LfH Hub which allows you to

      • access your e-learning resources
      • update your account details
      • add additional learning resources
      • change your password
      • view, download or print information regarding your learning activity
  • Problems with logging In

  • What should I do if I can't log in to my account?
    • Ensure that you are using the correct username and password. Check the email you were sent following registration which will contain your account details.

      If you are unsure of your username then the following may help you:

      • If you are a member of the General Medical Council, your username will typically be your GMC number.
      • If you are a member of the General Dental Council, you username will typically be D followed by your GDC number (e.g. if your GDC number is 123456, then your username might be D123456).
      • Other usernames typically use the first four characters of your surname followed by four random numbers (e.g. if your surname is Smith, then your username might be smit6789).

      The log in page also allows you to retrieve your username.

      If you are unsure of your password, but do know your username, then use the reset password facility to reset it.

      Learn more about resetting your password.

      If you still have a problem please use the Support Form for further assistance.

  • Logging out

  • How do I log out of the Hub?
    • The 'Log out' button is situated in the top left hand side of the page and it is accessible from every screen in the system.



      You can now close this page.

  • Why do I need to log out?
    • In order to protect your account and your learning activities, you should always log out of the system when you have finished working. This is particularly important if you are working on a shared computer (e.g. in a hospital training suite).


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The service will be available from:

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