• What is OpenAthens?
    • OpenAthens is an identity and access management service. This means that it gives you secure, easy access to electronic resources with a single username and password.  An organisation may pay for resources (such as journals, databases, electronic books) from a number of different publishers. Rather than needing a separate username and password for each one, you can have a single OpenAthens username and password.  You login once, and OpenAthens can show you what resources are available to you, giving you links to those resources without having to keep logging in to different systems.


      The NHS in England uses OpenAthens to access electronic resources that are bought for the NHS as a whole.  This includes full text journals and a range of bibliographic databases that everyone can access.  Individual NHS organisations may also buy additional resources.  When you register for an NHS OpenAthens account, you specify which organisation you work for.  This means that when you then login, you can access all of the nationally-bought content, as well as the content bought for your organisation.


      As well as giving you access to these journals and databases, an NHS OpenAthens account now gives you access to all of e-LfH's e-learning resources.

  • OpenAthens eligibility
    • If you do not have an OpenAthens account, please check the eligibility criteria thoroughly before attempting to register for an OpenAthens account. Click here to check eligibility.

  • Can I use my OpenAthens account to access the e-LfH Hub?
    • Yes, you can if you have registered with an NHS England OpenAthens provider. We are hoping to introduce OpenAthens for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in due course.

  • How do I use my OpenAthens account to access the e-LfH Hub?
      1. Go to the e-LfH website by typing into your browser.
      2. Select 'Sign On with OpenAthens'.

        Ssh 58

      3. Select 'NHS England'.Ssh 59
      4. Log in to the OpenAthens provider with your log in details as previously supplied by them
      5. You will be routed back to the e-LfH Hub.

      If this is the first time you have used your OpenAthens credentials to access the e-LfH Hub, then you will see the following screen:

      Ssh 60

      If you have an existing e-LfH Hub account then you should enter the username and password for that account and we can link your existing account to your OpenAthens account and you will be able to gain access to your previous learning records.

      If you do not have an existing e-LfH account you should choose the second panel and 'Proceed to next step'. We will create an account for you and link that account to your OpenAthens account so that in future you can just use your OpenAthens details and access the e-LfH Hub.



  • As an existing e-LfH user, if I start using my OpenAthens account to access the e-LfH Hub, will I lose my learning history?
    • If you have an existing account with e-LfH, then you can link that account to your OpenAthens log in details the first time you log in via OpenAthens. In this way, your learning history will be maintained.

  • I don't have an e-LfH account, can I use my OpenAthens account to access the e-LfH Hub?
    • Yes, you can, if your OpenAthens account is with NHS England. The first time you log on with your OpenAthens login details you will have an opportunity to either link an existing e-LfH account or the e-LfH Hub will create an account for you and link that new account to your OpenAthens log in details. You do not need to know any additional log in details as from then on you can just log on via OpenAthens and the Hub will record your learning activity to that account.


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