• Before you register

  • Do I have to pay to access the e-LfH e-learning resources?
    • You can access e-LfH’s resources for free if you fulfil any of the criteria listed below. 

      • You work within the NHS
      • You work in a dental practice that provides NHS care
      • You work in a hospice or care home
      • You are a Medical Examiner
      • You work in the Social Care sector
      • You work in the MoD
      • You are a qualified Health Visitor
      • You are employed by NICE
      • You are a student/tutor in one of the following areas:
        • Midwife
        • Health Visitor
        • Radiographer
        • Dental
        • Audiologist
        • Medical

      Depending on which category you fit into, there will be a different way for you to prove to us that you are entitled to free access. We have tried to keep this validation as simple as possible, so most people will just need to provide an email address but the process will vary for different categories.

      To find out more about the way we validate each category, you can explore the registration form and see what is required.

      If you do not fit into any of the categories listed above, then you can buy access through e-LfH’s not-for-profit sister company, eIntegrity. This can either be done individually, or institutions can buy multiple licenses.

      Find out more about eIntegrity.

  • What do I need in order to access the e-LfH e-learning resources?
    • In order to access the e-LfH e-learning resources you will need an Internet connection, a username and a password. You can get these by registering.

      Find out more about registration.

  • Registering

  • How do I register?
    • Registration is a simple process: 

      1. Go to
      2. Enter and confirm your work email address
      3. The system will provide you with the relevant options based on your entered work email address. From the list of descriptions on the screen, select the one that best fits you
      4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your registration
      5. You will receive an email with your username and password
      6. Log in

      To find out more about which e-learning resources you would like to access, you should visit the project pages at

      If you are an existing e-LfH member who wishes to register for additional programmes…

      You do not need to register, simply log in to the e-LfH Hub and add new programmes to your account by selecting My Account > Enrolment.

      If you are eligible for an OpenAthens account...

      Users registered with certain OpenAthens providers can gain access to e-LfH resources. If you already have an account with one of those providers then log on with that provider.  


      Your entered work email address will determine which subsequent options are available to you e.g. if your email address has a NHS email extension, you will be approved for access and will be required to complete additional information relating to your job role and work place location.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: If you enter a personal email address when registering, this will reduce the number of registration options available to you and display only the options that require additional validation. If your work role option is then not visible, check the email address you are using to register with and restart the registration process if required using your work email address.


      If you work within the NHS

      If you are an incoming F1 doctor joining in August 2016 you do not need to register as an account will have automatically been created for you.

      If you are NOT an incoming F1 doctor this year, enter and confirm your work email address then select Register.


      Registration options that require additional information for validation:

      If you work in a Dental Practice that provides NHS care

      If you are an NHS Dental performer, please give us your GDS number.

      If you are a Dental practitioner not on the Performers List, please give us your GDC number and your practice dentist’s details.

      If you work in a non-dental role at an NHS Dental Practice, please give us your practice dentist’s details.

      If you work in a care home or hospice

      Please tell us which care home or hospice you work in and give us your Registration Code. You may need to see your employer to get this code.

      If your employer does not have a code, then they need to contact the e-LfH Support Team. The Support Team can either give the employer the Registration Code or arrange a bulk upload of all staff.

      If you work as a Medical Examiner

      Please contact the e-LfH Support Team to progress your registration.

      If you work within the social care sector in England and a have a NMDS-SC user registration code

      Please enter your NMDS-SC user registration code.

      Every employer who is registered with the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care has been given a code which allows their staff to access e-LfH’s content. You may need to see your employer to get this code. 

      If you work in the MoD

      Please give us your MoD email address. (Please note, the MoD would prefer that you enter your personal MoD email address, not your work/role email.) 

      If you are a Student/Tutor in one of the following areas - Midwifery/ Health Visiting/ Radiography/ Dentistry/ Audiology/ Medical…

      Unfortunately, you cannot register individually. Your Course Administrator will need to contact the e-LfH Support Team, who will create accounts for everyone at the institution.

      If you are a qualified Health Visitor…

      Please contact the e-LfH Support Team to progress your registration.

      If you work for NICE

      Please enter your NICE email address.

      If you do not fit into one of the above groups

      You can either access the publicly available content or else purchase access through eIntegrity, which is a not-for-profit company that licenses access to e-LfH’s content.

      Select one of the programmes in the list to find out more about it and how to buy access.

      If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses please contact

  • Problems with registration

  • Why have I not received my username and password yet?
    • Please ensure you have checked the e-mail account you used to register with us, as your account details will have been sent to that e-mail address. For most users, this will be your work email address.

      Sometimes our registration emails can be wrongly identified as junk mail so please check your junk mail or spam folder as well.

      If you have checked your e-mail account and still haven’t received your username and password, you should contact us by using the Support form.

  • I think I already have an account, how do I find out my username and password ?
    • If you think you have an account, then you should try to log in, learn more about logging in.

      If you think you have an account, but cannot remember your username, learn more about usernames.

      If you have forgotten your password but do know your username, learn more about resetting passwords.

      If you are unsure about whether or not you have an account, you should try registering. If you already have an account the registration process will recognise your details and advise you further. Otherwise, you will be able to complete the registration process.

      If you need further assistance, you can contact us via the Support Form.


We are trialling Live Chat as a new form of support.

The service will be available from:

Monday to Friday
11 am till 1 pm
2 pm till 4 pm

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