Additional Security

  • Basics

  • Why do I need Security Questions?
    • Security questions are used to verify your identity if you need to reset your password. This is the quickest way to restore access to your account.

  • I have forgotten the answer to my security question.
    • If you know your username and password then you can change your security question(s).

      If you have forgotten your username and password and cannot remember the answer(s) to your security question(s) you should use the Support form for further assistance.

  • How do I change my security question(s) or the answers I provided?
      1. Log in
      2. Select the ‘My Account’ menu option. Then select ‘Additional Security

      3. Update your details
      4. Select the Save Security Questions button to store the updated details

      If you forget your password, you will be asked one of your security questions in order to verify your identity and allow you to reset your password.


We are trialling Live Chat as a new form of support.

The service will be available from:

Monday to Friday
11 am till 1 pm
2 pm till 4 pm

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