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  • What information is held by e-LfH about me and who can see it?
    • e-LfH takes its responsibilities with regard to data protection seriously. In line with recommendations from the Information Commissioner’s Office (, our Privacy Policy clearly states what information is held and how we allow it to be processed. Individuals can be assured that the processing of data held will carried out in accordance with the 8 principles of the Data Protection Act. The Privacy Policy has been incorporated into the terms and conditions, which are publicly available. 


  • How secure is data in the e-LfH systems?
    • e-LfH takes data security very seriously and makes every endeavour to ensure that user information is held as securely as possible. Access to our servers and the data within is restricted even within the e-LfH team.

      We will never ask for your password.

      It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they change their password when they first access the system and never give out their password or security questions and answers to another person.

      More information about e-LfH’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Terms and Conditions

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