Employment Details

  • Basics

  • What is the Employment Details menu option for?
    • All users' account details include ‘Place of Work’. Previously, we have defaulted this data to ‘Unknown location’, however, we now need you to keep this up-to-date for the following reasons:

      • so that we can report geographically (e.g. 1,000 users in the North West LETB have completed their Equality & Diversity training).
      • to allow us to control who has access to information regarding your activity with e-LfH (e.g. so that a Trust can see who have completed their mandatory Safeguarding Children training).
      • e-LfH's funding allocation is in part determined by the geographic location of our users.

      We will prompt you periodically to update your personal details but you can also update them at any time by accessing the My Account menu.

      More information on who can see your e-learning activity.

  • How do I update my 'Place of Work'?
      1. Log in 
      2. Select the ‘My Account’ menu option. Then select 'Employment Details'

      3. Select ‘Edit’ button alongside 'Unknown location' OR select 'Add a New Place of Work' if you have changed to a new location
      4. Start typing the name of your institution or the postcode into ‘Place of Work’ entry box. The box will start searching based upon your entry

      5. Select the correct location from the list
      6. Select ‘Save’ button. Your entry will be saved to your account

      Learn more about identifying the correct place of work.

  • I can't find my place of work in the list.
    • If you cannot find your actual building on the list, then you should look for your employing organisation such as the hospital or the Trust.

      If you are a pharmaceutical worker, you should select High Street Pharmacy unless you are employed by a Trust, in which case you should select the hospital or Trust.

      In addition we have the following generic entries for certain groups of users:

      • Defence Dental Deanery
      • Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
      • Armed Forces

      If you are unsure or require further help then please contact us via the Support Form.


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