• Adding e-learning resources to your account

  • How do I add additional e-learning resources to my account?
      1. Log in
      2. Select the 'My Account' menu option. Then select ‘Enrolment’.


      Programmes and applications you currently have access to will already be ticked


      3. Tick all the programmes you wish to add to your account or tick “Select All” to add all the programmes in that group
      4. Select ‘Save Changes’ button (at the bottom of the list) to save your selection(s)
      5. The new resources will be available in My e-Learning instantly.

      If you add a significant number of programmes and applications to your account, then it can have an adverse affect on the system's performance and make it difficult to navigate around My e-Learning.

  • How do I find out about e-learning resources so that I can decide whether or not to add them to my account?
    • There are two ways to find out about content.

      1. Use the search facility in the Hub to locate content that you might be interested in. When the search results are displayed, select the 'I' button to see the Component Information page, which includes a description of that component.
        See more information about searching.
      2. On the e-LfH website (www.e-lfh.org.uk) you will find information relating to all the learning resources that we have available. Once you have decided which you would like to access, you should edit your account and add programmes and resources to your account.
        See more information on adding resources to your account.
  • Removing e-learning resources from your account

  • How do I remove e-learning content from my account?
      1. Log in
      2. Select the ‘My Account’ menu option. Then select 'Enrolment'


      Programmes you currently have access to are ticked.


      3. Untick all the programmes you wish to remove from your account. Greyed out tick boxes cannot be removed.

      4. Select the Save Changes button to save your changes.

      Your account will be updated with the changes immediately.

  • If I remove e-learning content from my account that I have completed, will I still be able to report that activity?
    • Yes. Any activity you create within the Hub is recorded and will appear in reports through the My Activity menu option in the Hub or in any bespoke reports you may have available to you.

      Any activity you create is legitimate activity, so will be stored against your profile for posterity, even if you remove programmes from your account or if we alter programme content in the Hub. This also applies to any learning activity that you created on old e-LfH systems, such as the e-LfH Learning Management System.

      If you add a previously removed programme back to your account, then you will see your previous activity reflected in the status of that programme within the Hub.


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