External Systems

  • What is the External Systems menu option for?
    • The Hub allows you to access other systems, such as MindEd or Disability Matters, which are separate from the Hub itself. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to access these external systems, we use a technology called Single Sign On so that the Hub talks automatically to the external system and you don’t need to log in again when you go from the Hub to the other system.

      In order for Single Sign On to work, the two systems need to hold some data about you and your account. It is good practice for us to be transparent with users about the data that is held or passed back and forth, which is why this menu item exists. If you are unhappy with the data that is used in the Single Sign On process, then you can withdraw your permission in this section, however, this will mean you cannot access that external system via the Hub.


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