Reporting Permissions

  • Permissions Based Activity Reporting

  • What is Permissions Based Activity Reporting?
  • How do I add another user to my "Reporting Permissions" list?
    • Adding another user to your reporting permissions list allows them to report on your e-learning activity.

      1. Log in.
      2. Select the 'My Account' menu option. Then select 'Reporting Permissions'
      3. Enter the exact username as supplied to you by that user – we will not supply the username.


      4. Select ‘Find
      5. Check the user’s details to ensure you have the right person and select 'Add User' button.


      6. If the username cannot be found then you should re-enter the username, taking care to ensure you have entered it exactly as provided. If the system still cannot find that user, you should contact us by using the Support Form.
  • How do I know which users have given me access to report on their activity?
    • In order to see which users have given you permission to report on their activity:

      1. Log in
      2. Select the 'My Account' menu option. Then select 'Reporting Permissions'
      3. Those users who have given you permission to report on their activity are listed on the screen


      4. You can decide on which users to include in a report by ticking the 'Include' box
      5. You should contact a user directly if you cannot see them on the list to check they have given you permission. We will not provide you with their details or set up access on their behalf.


  • How do I access reports on other users' e-learning activity?
    • In order to report on another user’s activity, they need to give you permission – we will not set up access on their behalf.

      Find out how to give another user permission to report on your activity.

      Once the user(s) have assigned you the relevant permissions you can follow these instructions:

      1. Log in
      2. Select 'Admin' menu option. Then select 'ReportsSsh30

      3. The list of available reports is displayed showing the following reports:
        •    Project Team Reports
        •    User Permission Reports – Lists the activity of the users who have assigned Reporting Permissions to you allowing you to restrict the report by specified dates ssh31
      4. Select the appropriate report from the list
      5. Enter the date parameters required for the report or leave the dates blank for a complete report
      6. Select Run Report button
      7. Once complete select the option to download the report –
        •    Text to view on screen
        •    PDF document for download
        •    CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet or database application

      If these users have not accepted our reporting terms and conditions or they have since removed your permission from their Reporting Permissions then you will no longer see their details in your reports.


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