Starting & progressing through your e-learning

  • Quick Start Guide
    • We have produced a two page Quick Start Guide which provides the key information you need to get started with e-LfH’s e-learning resources.

      Pdficon _small Download the Quick Start Guide.

  • Starting my learning

  • How do I get started?
      1. Login
      2. Select the ‘My e-Learning’ menu optionssh38
      3. Your available programme(s) will be listed
      4. Select the arrow next to your programme in the left hand panel to display its contents ssh39
      5. Select a title to view the contents in the right hand panel and locate your learning. Keep navigating the hierarchy until you have reached the session listings 

      6. To open your session and start learning, select the ‘Play’ button. A new window will be launched containing the learning material. When you have completed a session, close that browser window in the normal manner.


      Find out more about finding your way around in the Hub.

      Download our Quick Start Guide.

      By visiting the parent project web pages on the e-LfH website (, you will also find a variety of additional resources such as the curriculum which will help you find and navigate the learning content on the Hub.

  • How do I navigate around the Hub?
  • Can I start multiple sessions?
    • No. If you try to launch a second session, the system will warn you that you already have a session underway, and once you clear the warning, the first session will be brought to the front of your screen.

       Each session you have started but not completed will have a status of ‘Started’ indicated by ssh37  

  • How can I see which programmes, courses, learning paths and sessions I have started?
    •  There are three ways you can check which content you have accessed:

      1. You can run a report from the 'My Activity' section.
         Find out more about reporting.

      2. Every piece of content in the 'My e-Learning' section has an icon which shows your status on that piece of learning.
        Find out more about status icons.

      3. You can filter your search by just looking for content with a 'Not Started' status.
        Find out more about filtered search.


  • How can I check on my progress?
    • There are two ways you can check on your progress:

      1. You can run a report from the ‘My Activity’ section which will show your progress on a given programme or course, or across all programmes.

        Find out more about reporting.

      2. Every piece of content in the ‘My e-Learning’ section has an icon with shows your status on that piece of learning. The status of programmes, courses and learning paths is determined by your activity on the sessions underneath that component. If you access a session in a course, then that course is marked as ‘In Progress’. If you complete all the session in a course, then the course is also marked as ‘Completed’.

        Find out more about status icons.
  • How do I know which session I last accessed?
    • Use the 'Recent Activity' panel on the Hub home page. It shows the last 15 sessions you accessed so that you can easily return to your recent learning.


  • Can I stop my session at any point and get back to the same page later on?
    • Yes. To exit the session, simply close the browser window in the normal manner. The system will remember the last page you viewed and next time you access the session it will open on this page.

      This does not apply to MCQ, Scenario or Assessment sessions as these are designed to be completed in one sitting.

  • What do the status icons mean?
    • Look for these icons to identify the status of your sessions and programmes.


      ssh48 Not attempted
      Ssh49 Incomplete
       ssh50 Completed
       Ssh51 Failed
      ssh52 Passed
  • Completing my learning

  • How do I finish a session?
    • This depends on the type of session you are using. Each programme uses one or more different types of session depending on the nature of the e-learning content.

      View the Session Guide to see all the different types of session and the different ways they are navigated and completed in order for the completion to be recorded correctly on your account.

      Once completed, the session will continue to appear in the 'My e-Learning' listings. Once all the sessions in a folder, course or learning path have been completed, the status of those components will update to reflect that.

      Learn more about the different types of session.

  • How do I find my 'Completed' sessions?
      1. Select the arrow to the right of the search field Ssh43
      2. Use the Status filer to select a statusssh47
      3. Select the 'Search' button
      4. The listing will only show sessions matching the status you have selected



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