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About the NHSE elfh Hub

The Hub delivers a wide variety of e-learning resources to a large audience including NHS staff, social care staff and members of the public. In order to ensure individuals using the Hub have access to appropriate e-learning resources, the Hub will allocate a user with a user type when you register. Find out more about user types

In order to allow different organisations to present their learning in a way that supports their branding and makes the learning recognisable to their audience, we have extended the Hub to introduce the concept of multiple tenancies available on a variety of URLs or links. Each tenancy allows the branding or ‘skin’ of the Hub to be themed to different colours matching an organisations colours or branding. Find out more about the available tenants.

In order to ensure the maximum visibility of the e-learning resources available on the e-LfH Hub and its tenants, we have introduced a catalogue which can be browsed before a user has logged in or registered. Find out more about the e-learning available via the catalogue.