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More help

  • Where can I get further information on how to use the e-learning resources?
    • If you cannot find the information you need here and need further assistance, please use the Support Form or our Live Chat facility.

  • I have a problem with the system, how can I get help?
    • The quickest way to resolve a problem is to search these help pages.

      If you cannot find the information you need here and need further assistance please use either Live Chat or the Support Form.

  • Using Live Chat
    • Further assistance is also available via Live Chat where you can request help on any e-LfH issue from one of our helpdesk operators. They will attempt to resolve your issue during the chat or, for more complex issues, refer to a colleague for additional investigation by raising a support ticket.

      Live Chat is available through the Hub, the icon is displayed in the top banner of the page.

        When Live Chat is available the status icon will turn green.
        If we are busy chatting with other users the status icon will turn orange and you will be directed to create a support ticket instead.
        Live Chat is not available out of office hours and will show as greyed out.







  • Using Chat Bot
    • We are training our Chat Bot to provide you with assistance on support issues. We will be reviewing the responses and questions raised to our Chat Bot, and hope to guide you to either the correct area on our support site or provide you with direct advice.

      Our Chat Bot is new to us so may not get things right straight away so can direct you to our Live Chat or to raise a support ticket for further assistance.

  • AICC
    • Coming soon