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Further support

  • Where can I get further information on how to use the e-learning resources?
    • If you cannot find the information you need here and need further assistance, please use the Support Form or our Live Chat facility.

  • I have a problem with the system, how can I get help?
    • The quickest way to resolve a problem is to search these help pages.

      If you cannot find the information you need here and need further assistance please use either Live Chat or the Support Form.

  • Using Live Chat
    • Further assistance is also available via Live Chat where you can request help on any NHSE elfh issue from one of our helpdesk operators. They will attempt to resolve your issue during the chat or, for more complex issues, refer to a colleague for additional investigation by raising a support ticket.

      Live Chat is available through the Hub, the icon is displayed in the top banner of the page.


        The Live Chat icon is displayed like this and is available between 9.30am and 4.30pm

        You can also access it via this button located under Home on the support site



  • AICC
    • Like SCORM, AICC is a communication standard that allows e-learning sessions to communicate with Learning Management Systems (LMS). AICC however allows communciation data to be transferred from one website to another, meaning we can share our content with organisations running their own LMS' without needing to send them the session files. If you are interested in setting up our content in your own LMS then please contact us via our Support Form.

      For information on how to set up our AICC links on Moodle/Totara or Kallidus LMS please download this AICC remote launching document. If you run a different LMS, the principle is the same.

      Our AICC links always remain the same. Therefore if a session is updated it will be reflected on any LMS using the AICC link to that session.

      As certificates are only produced by our LMS and not the sessions themselves, if you run our content on your own LMS via our AICC links, you will need to create your own certificate for them.