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Learning Hub - Update about the ongoing issues with launching content from ESR, hosted on the Learning Hub, causing content to load slowly or potentially not load at all.

This work continues to be treated as the highest priority for our team and we have been working with an external supplier to identify approaches to resolve the issue.  


Since the latest Learning Hub release last week, we have commenced several further pieces of work to improve the situation.  These are:

  • Undertaking networking improvements
  • Upgrading the server storage environment
  • Impelmenting a temporary fix to improve the way that we retrieve files from the servers
  • Initiating work on how we leverage cloud technologies to mitigate similar issues from occurring in the future
  • Working with organisations who are seeking temporary workarounds whilst we resolve the issue

We continue to remain committed to finding a permanent solution to address the issues that are being experienced and as mentioned above, we are now working towards resolutions which will increase our resilience.


We will issue a further update on Thursday 20th June to allow for some of the above pieces of work to progress.


Posted 17/06/24 17:40