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  • How do I access my certificates?
    • 1. Log in.

      2. Select the 'My activity' menu option. The select 'Certificates'

      3. If you have activity on a programme which has completion certificates, then that programme will be listed. 

      4. Select the programme.

      5. Navigate to the course or learning path which has the certificate you want to access.

      6. Select the certificate icon and follow the browser instructions to save or view the certificate.


      It is also possible to access your certificates from the My elearning screens.

      Certificates are created and presented on page 1 of the PDF. A programme/course summary report is also produced automatically to support your certificate and this is presented from page 2 onwards within the PDF. This does not apply to ICE-BLU or Laser Safety.

  • How do I know which courses will provide me with certificates?
    • If you need to get a record of your learning activity in the Hub, you need to run the programme/course summary report in the My Activity Reports section.

      Completion certificates are available when you have completed (or passed, where appropriate) all the sessions in a specific course, learning path or programme.

      Once a certificate is available for a programme, you will see a certificate icon alongside that programme in the my e-learning screen. The certificate icon will also be available against the courses and learning paths within that programme.

      If the programme, course or learning path has not been completed, the certificate icon is greyed out.

      Once you have completed all the sessions, the certificate icon becomes enabled.

      You can download your certificate by selecting the enabled certificate icon.


  • How do I print out additional copies of my certificates?
    • You can:

      • Save the PDF certificate file when you first generate it and then print out as many copies as you need.


      • Regenerate the certificate and then print out additional copies.


      See how do I access my certificates.

      If you have accessed the sessions mentioned within the certificate since the last printing and achieved different statuses then the re-generated certificate may show these new status results.

      More information on which activity is included on the certificate.

  • Can I keep my certificates electronically?
    • When you access your certificate through the Hub, you are given the option of saving the file electronically.

      You can re-save the file as often as you like.

      Note: If you have accessed the sessions mentioned within the certificate since the last saving and achieved different statuses then the certificate may show these new status results when you access it from the Hub to re-save it.

  • Who else can access my certificates?
    • Your certificates can only be accessed through your own account.