• Basics

  • What is my account?
    • Your account is a personalised record relating to you and your interactions with e-LfH. Your account is accessed with a username and password, which are the most basic components of your e-LfH account.

      It also contains personal information about you, such as your place of work and email address that you gave us when registering and that we ask you to update periodically. It also contains details of the programmes and applications that you enrol on as well as a record of your activity on that learning content.

      As you access and complete e-learning resources, your account is updated with information relating to this activity. This allows reporting of your activity by you and by those authorised to monitor your progress.

      More information on who can see your e-learning activity.

      You can also reset your password and security questions.

      More information on resetting your password.
      More information on security questions.


We are trialling Live Chat as a new form of support.

The service will be available from:

Monday to Friday
11 am till 1 pm
2 pm till 4 pm

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