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  • How is the elearning content organised?
    • Content that is relevant to a job role or speciality is structured into a programme of learning materials. The best platform for each specific type of elearning resource is determined by the parent programme.

      To gain access to an e-learning resource, please refer to the appropriate programme pages on This will provide you with information on the conditions that have to be met in order to access the content and how to register.

      Once you have registered, elearning resources are available via your account.

      Learn more about registering.

  • Where can I find out more about specific elearning programmes and their elearning content?
    • Each programme has its own web pages that you can access on the NHSE elfh website.
      Information on all the programmes available can be found at

  • What is the Hub?
    • The Hub is how NHSE elfh delivers the elearning content to the users of the service and tracks your online learning to support your training records.

  • What is available through the Hub and who is it available to?
    • The NHSE elfh content available on the Hub provides elearning to educate and train the health and social care workforce.

      In addition to the Hub, we also have a range of bespoke web applications delivering a variety of types of e-learning resources created by NHSE elfh.  These include the Pathopedia and Prescription Simulator.

      Non-speciality content created by NHSE elfh, such as Safeguarding Children and Young People, is also available via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

      For a full list of NHSE elfh learning resources and content visit the NHSE elfh programme list.

  • Quality assurance

  • What quality assurance processes has the NHSE elfh elearning content been through?
    • Our elearning materials are written by subject experts and quality assured by recognised and widely respected professional bodies. They have been assembled using appropriate educational guidance and principles.

  • How do I know the elearning content is up to date and still clinically appropriate?
    • All elearning content is developed in partnership with professional bodies and the NHS. These clinical partners are the experts in their field and we rely on their knowledge and experience to ensure that the content of our sessions is clinically appropriate. Before going live, all sessions are reviewed by a separate clinician for accuracy.

      It is inevitable, however, that content becomes out of date. We regularly put whole programmes through a full review and update process but we also update individual sessions as and when required.

      If you think that a particular session or programme needs to be updated, please use the feedback option available via the Hub.

      Find out more about how to provide feedback on sessions.

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