• Internet connectivity

  • Can I use the e-learning resources without an internet connection?
    • No. The e-learning resources are web-based applications and can only be used when your computer is connected to the internet.

  • What happens to my learning if I lose the internet connection during a session?
    • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that data will be saved. We recommend that you close the browser down in the normal manner and log back in again.

  • If my computer crashes will I lose my place in the system?
    • The data is saved when the active piece of learning has been started, completed and at various points during the e-learning session. If your computer crashes in the middle of a learning session, for example, then your data may not be saved.

  • Using mobiles, tablets and other equipment

  • Can I use my smartphone, tablet PC or iPad to access e-LfH learning resources?
    • Yes. 

      You can access learning resources if you have a smartphone with Internet access. We have specifically designed the Hub to be responsive, which means the screen layout will automatically re-organise itself to fit onto your device’s screen.

      However, there is a huge range of smartphones, mobile browsers and operating systems out there and we don’t have the resources to test all of them. We test on Android and Apple mobile devices using the most current browser version available at the time but we cannot guarantee that our content will work on every mobile device and browser combination.

      More information on using alternative devices can be found in the policy on Browsers and Devices.

      You should also note that there is a small percentage of our content that has been created using Adobe Flash, which will not display on mobile devices. 


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