Feedback response

17th February 2014

During 2013 we introduced the facility for users of our support service to provide feedback on that service. We have looked at the satisfaction levels and examined some of the most frequently raised questions.
Based upon responses received through the feedback forms, e-LfH’s Support services are providing a satisfactory to very good level of service (83%).

However, it was clear that among those users who expressed dissatisfaction, there were some common areas of concern which we have responded to below.

Why isn’t there a telephone service for support?
The e-LfH Support team is a small team supporting over a quarter of a million registered users. We  provide day to day support to those users including password resets, registration advice, advice on using and navigating the various elements of the e-LfH IT systems, reporting and certification support in addition to fielding questions about such wide ranging topics as individual Programmes, e-Portfolios and the National LMS.

As a government funded organisation, e-LfH has a limited budget with a responsibility to provide the best value service possible. The recent trial of Live Chat highlighted the benefits of providing a service to users which allowed immediate access to a member of the support team, however, it also demonstrated the difficulties in providing an appropriate level of staffing to requests for support which varied widely in terms of their complexity and where the number of calls in any given moment was entirely unpredictable.

Once we have determined the best way to staff and fund a Live Chat service, we will be re-instating it and broadening the opening hours of the service to cover more of the working day.

However, because of budget limitations, there are no plans to offer telephone support.

Why can’t I find any support for the particular programme I am trying to access?
The support provided via the support website is intentionally generic and seeks to answer the most frequently asked questions about the services e-LfH delivers, therefore searching for a specific programme on the support site delivers no results. The answers and solutions provided on the support website are usually applicable regardless of the programme you are trying to access. Programme specific information is available at the e-LfH website (

Why can’t I use a personal email address to register for access to the e-learning material?
e-LfH provides high quality content free of charge for the training of the NHS workforce across the UK. In order to continue providing this valuable resource free of charge we have a responsibility to validate people applying to use our service and the most effective way to accomplish that is by requiring a user’s NHS email address when they register. We do also allow users to enter a second email address and indicate which email address they would prefer us to use when contacting them – select My Account once you have logged in.

However, for security purposes we must use your NHS email address during registration in order to ensure that you are entitled to free access.

As we continue to work with various UK non-NHS workforce organisations, we are able to increase free access to groups outside of the NHS but access via these routes will always require some form of authorisation by the overseeing organisation for any given staff group.




We are trialling Live Chat as a new form of support.

The service will be available from:

Monday to Friday
11 am till 1 pm
2 pm till 4 pm

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We are assessing our support services. Please help us by providing feedback and completing this short questionnaire.

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