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Explaining the changes to the way you log in

  • Explaining the changes to the way you log in
    • What is changing?

      The procedure to log into your account is changing slightly.

      Why are these changes happening?

      So users can gain access to a wider range of elearning systems available from NHSE TEL a central log in system is required. This will increase accessibility to other elearning sites without multiple log in details having to be stored or remembered.

      When is this going to happen?

      This will be changing 25th November 2021.

      How can I prepare for this change?

      Many people will have saved their username and password to their browsers. Using saved details, will no longer be available on the initial login when the change happens so we recommend you take a note of your username and password now in readiness for the changeover.

      It is also recommended that your email address is up to date so any new password requests are issued without a delay.  Your email address can be checked by going to 'My account' and choosing 'personal details' and then saving any amended information.

      If you cannot remember your login details, you can request them via the Forgotten Password or Forgotten Username links within the log in page. However, if you experience any further difficulties please either use our Live Chat facility which runs Monday to Friday between 9.30am to 4.30pm or raise a ticket with our Support Team.

      How will it work?

      Below is a video to guide you through the process, whichever elearning portal you use to log in, the procedure is the same.


  • How your elearning portal will look